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Slot Racing presentation

Slot Racing is a hobby that is suitable for all ages, regardless of gender, and also as a family hobby. The sport has a long history in Finland and has been practiced since the 1970s. The sport of Slot Racing is especially suitable for the family and is also a very fun pastime. The sport offers a lot of momentum, but not dangerous situations. It develops reaction skills, perceptual skills, the ability to concentrate, and a variety of other cognitive and fine motor skills. At the competitive level, the sport, like other top sports, also emphasizes good lifestyles and the need for rest.


In addition to Finland, the sport is practiced in many countries, and in Finland the sport is subordinated to the AKK, and in Europe the umbrella organization is ISRA. Every year, the World Championships are held, where titles are decided in both doubles and individual competitions in different categories. The 2018 Games were held in Vaasa and in 2020 the Games are scheduled to take place in Latvia. In 2021, the host country of the race is the USA.

In Finland, the sport is practiced in many places, of which at least Hyvinkää, Vaasa, Kotka, Mikkeli and Lappeenranta can be mentioned as active competition places. There are also operations in Lempäälä, Luumäki, Kouvola and Iisalmi. In addition, we are planning Slot Racing Club Helsinki and it should be tentatively completed in the spring of 2021.

What does it cost?

Slot Racing is a very economical sport to practice at the club level. At its cheapest, you can even drive cars for free. There are many types of clubs and how they work, so we are only looking at it from our perspective. Currently, those born 2007 and younger can only drive RTR class cars in our clubs when at least one caregiver is involved. In this case, the guardian is also allowed to drive another car free of charge for the same fee. If you drive without a guardian involved, you will need to join as a member, but you can still borrow from our club RTR class cars. You can see our price list here

If you want to drive faster cars in our clubs as well as drive in intra-club races, we recommend getting your own DTM class car. Its pace is already much louder and our clubs also run DTM races. A description of the car and the costs can be found behind the link.

The maximum cost consists of any own car and spare parts according to consumption. If the car stays even reasonably in its career and does not drive to the fullest, the biggest expense is after buying the car tires. Finished tires currently cost around 15-18 euros / pair. In normal club use, the tires wear 1-2 pairs per year.

If you drive a car with a lot of crashes or a high speed on the sides, you will usually have to buy a new body as well as tires and possibly a rear axle wheel. In severe crashes, especially the rims and sprocket teeth can break down, just like in real cars. The car must never be driven without a body and must always be technically intact when driving on the track and must not damage the track.


The competitions can be roughly divided into three categories: there are club competitions, regional competitions and official competitions. Club competitions refer only to small-scale informal events held at our clubs. Regional competitions, on the other hand, are joint competitions of several cities and official competitions are events under the AKK or international competitions. In order not to be too clear, some of the races will be run as inter-club races and some as official AKK races, even during the same weekend. In practice, the only difference is in the Finnish Championship title, ie only official competitions under the AKK can be awarded the Finnish Championship title. You can only participate in club races with your own car, which can be purchased from our club or elsewhere. However, compliance with the RTR Class and / or DTM Class rules is a condition. The rules to be followed in other competitions are stated in the competition invitation.

If the sport is inspiring, it is definitely worth considering attending the actual competitions in addition to the club competitions. Competitions on tracks other than our clubs will usually have their own car. Sometimes other enthusiasts can rent equipment for the Games and the opportunity is worth inquiring from our clubs. For regional competitions or Euroseries competitions held in our clubs, we can rent RTR-class cars with a small deductible and tire costs. Our club also has the option of arranging some individual Production class cars for rent for the races. You should ask our club more about these.

Not all enthusiasts go to races and for many the hobby is more about driving to clubs and clubs. However, there are about 70 to 80 active visitors to the Races each year. With the current driving format and scheduling, the maximum number of visitors per race weekend is somewhere between 100 and 120 people. As the number of visitors increases, the waiting time for your own driving shift also increases.

Our club members get a handle on us for the duration of the competition, be it a club competition or another competition.


Whether you are a casual driver, an international star or something in between, we provide you with a world-class setting to practice the sport.