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Fact box

Class abbreviations

  • Eurolight, EL-24


  • Usually Koford M504A
  • Also Hawk 7 allowed


  • Usually JKX25
  • Plain bearings
  • Only 64 pitch gears allowed
  • Standard gearing 7/37 (with Koford)


  • Only models approved by AKK
  • Usually Bentley, Lola or Audi


  • National

Driver level

  • Junior / Advanced


  • Club car about 100 €
  • Racecar > 200 €

Eurolight class

Eurolight is the only class in Finland for people over 13 years of age. The official abbreviation in the rulebook is EL-24, meaning the class is a 1/24 scale car. The class is a bit complicated for drivers:

  • all over the age of 13 are allowed to drive in this class
  • however, drivers over the age of 18 AND are driving in the Eurosport category, NOT are allowed to drive in this category. It is possible to change the class in the middle of the season, but the score is only calculated for the second class.
  • under 13s are allowed to drive in this class if they DO NOT drive in the Euromini class

Engine and frame

For the engine, both Euromini class Hawk 7 engines and Koford's M504A engines are allowed in the class. Of these, the Koford machine is by far the most popular, as its performance is completely superior to the Hawk 7 engine.

The JKX25 body is mainly used in the class, but Champion Turbo Flex is also allowed. As in the Euromini class, transmissions are limited and with a Koford engine the transmission is always 7/37. If you want to drive a Hawk 7 engine, the gear ratio is the same as in the Euromini class, ie 10/36.

The class makes it smoother with strict technical constraints. However, especially due to the performance of the Koford engine and the transmission used in it, the car is much more difficult to drive than, for example, Euromini class cars.


The models of the bodies are limited and the models are the same in both the OG-12, Euromini and Eurolight classes. So in theory, you can theoretically drive in all three of these categories.


The Eurolight class is run only in Finland at the national level. In general, the class is generally very flat in level, despite the large age differences of the drivers. However, the car is technically a bit challenging to drive, so you need to practice driving it.


You can get a basic car for less than 100 euros. If you want to replace the engine with a more efficient Koford machine, the new machine will cost about 70-90 euros. In addition, the machine must be individually tuned and built for race use.

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