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Fact box

Class abbreviations

  • OG-12, OG, OG12-24


  • X12 with limits
  • Bearing free


  • Free
  • Usually ball bearings


  • Only models approved by AKK
  • Usually Bentley, Lola or Audi


  • International
  • National

Driver level

  • Advanced / Pro


  • Used about 150 €
  • Racecar > 350 €

OG-12 class

The class is for drivers of all ages, but it differs in speed and cost compared to other classes. The class is therefore preferred by more advanced drivers, as it requires good driving skills to get the most out of the car. In colloquial language, the class is often referred to as "OG".

Engine and frame

The engine is a so-called C-pitched racing machine with X12 anchor. Unlike, for example, in the Production class, in this class, machine speed matters. Currently, there are some differences in the engine between Finnish and international rules, but in the period 2021 these will be reduced. In practice, the only difference would be that aluminum ends are still not allowed in Finland.

In this class, the frame is practically free and uses steel frames that are very light. The only restrictions in the rules are on the dimensions of the frame. For example, the price of frames is multiple compared to the Production category, and a frame alone can easily cost more than 100 euros. Furthermore, ball bearings are almost always used in the frame.


The models of the bodies are limited and the models are the same in both the OG-12, Euromini and Eurolight classes. So in theory, you can theoretically drive in all three of these categories.


In a race, the functionality of the car between all the parts is extremely important. The car is considerably lighter than, for example, a Production class car and because of this the tires and transmissions also play an important role in the car's driveability. The car is very fast to drive and its lightness brings its own challenges to driveability.


A basic car can be used for 150-200 euros, but a fully finished new race-tuned car can easily cost up to 350-450 euros when homemade. The engine can cost around € 150-200 of the total price and building one race car can take many hours when done from start to finish.

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