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Fact box

Class abbreviations

  • Production, PR-24, TS-24


  • X12 with limits
  • Bearing free


  • Usually JK Aeolos
  • Plain bearings


  • ISRA: up to 5 years old model
  • In Finland, usually ISRA2018


  • International
  • National

Driver level

  • Advanced


  • Clubcar about 100 €
  • Racecar > 350 €

Production class

The class is intended for drivers of all ages and is perhaps the most popular class both in Finland and in the world. In Finland, the class is commonly referred to as TS-24 and elsewhere PR-24. The name Production is generally known or in Finnish just "produ".

Engine and frame

For the motor, certain types of anchors are allowed in the class and magnets are also restricted. The motor may have either ball bearings or plain bearings. Only certain models may be used as the frame and usually in ISRA competitions, and for this reason the most popular model in Finland is JK Aeolos. Only plain bearings are permitted in the frame.


Bodies may only be of a certain make and model. According to AKK rules, TC, DTM, BTCC and STW bodies are allowed with certain restrictions. Not all of the latest bodies in the Production class comply with ISRA rules are allowed in Finland, but they are usually allowed in competitions run in other countries. A change is coming to the 2021 rules that will also allow the latest ISRA bodies. Currently, the newest allowed ISRA body in Finland is the 2018 model. There are, of course, no boundaries in club driving.


The production class is run both nationally in Finland and internationally. In races, the biggest differences come from the transmissions as well as the engine and tires. Each driver has their own preferences and the class emphasizes the good functionality of the car in the driver's hands. In other words, the most "toughest" engine is not necessarily the best in its class in terms of driveability.

Pairs are also often run in the Production class. The World Championships, the only ISRA race of the year, are always run in pairs. In addition, enduro cars in Finland also use a Production class car, although with some modifications to the rules.


You can get a basic car for about 100€, but a fully finished race-tuned car can cost up to 350-400€ when completed. The engine can cost around 150-200€ of the total price and building one race car can take many hours when done from start to finish.

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