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Fact box

Class abbreviations

  • RTR


  • Hawk 7
  • Do not disassemble or open


  • JK Cheetah 21
  • Plain bearings
  • Only 64 pitch gears allowed
  • Standard gearing 10/36


  • Only models approved by AKK
  • Usually Bentley, Lola or Audi


  • Only club races

Driver level

  • Junior


  • About 100 €

RTR class

The RTR class is not an official scale class, but a separate class run only by our clubs. The cars follow the rules of the Finnish Euromini class with certain exceptions.

Engine and frame

Only the Hawk 7 engine and JK's Cheetah 21 frame are allowed in the class. The engine must not be opened or disassembled.


The models of the bodies are limited and the models are the same in both the OG-12, Euromini and Eurolight classes. So in theory, you can theoretically drive in all three of these categories.


Competitions are only held at our clubs and participants must have their own car. The aim is to organize 6-8 competitions a year.


The car costs our club about 100 euros and JK's finished RTR cars purchased elsewhere are also valid when they meet the above requirements.

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