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Fact box

Class abbreviations

  • DTM


  • Phoenix
  • Do not disassemble or open


  • JK Aeolos
  • Plain bearings
  • Standard gearing 12/38


  • ISRA: 2018 and later
  • In addition, MB, BMW and Volvo


  • Only club races

Driver level

  • Junior


  • About 140 €

DTM class

The DTM class is not an official scale class, but a separate class run only by our clubs. The cars comply with the ISRA rules of the Production class for the dimensions of the body and frame. Only the Phoenix RTR engine and certain production-class bodies are permitted as engines.

Engine and frame

Only a Phoenix engine may be used as the engine, which must not be opened or disassembled. Only 12/38 are allowed as gears.


Only ISRA (production) bodies 2018 and newer are allowed as bodies. In addition, Mercedes Benz, BMW and the newer Volvo are allowed.


Competitions are only held at our clubs and participants must have their own car. The aim is to organize 6-8 competitions a year.


You can get a finished DTM class car from our club for about 140 euros with a Phoenix engine. If you ever want to drive a Production class race, all you have to do is change the gears and the engine and, depending on the rules, the body.

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