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Fact box

Class abbreviations

  • Euromini, EM-24


  • Hawk 7
  • Do not disassemble or open


  • JK Cheetah 21
  • Plain bearings
  • Only 64 pitch gears allowed
  • Standard gearing 10/36


  • Only models approved by AKK
  • Usually Bentley, Lola or Audi


  • National

Driver level

  • Junior


  • Club car about 100 €
  • Racecar > 150 €

Euromini class

Euromini is a class only for drivers aged 13 and younger in Finland. The official abbreviation in the rulebook is EM-24, meaning the class is a 1/24 scale car.

Engine and frame

In the case of an engine, only a Hawk 7 engine manufactured by JK may be used in the class and must not be disassembled or opened. The motor is very cheap and, unlike other categories, can be attached to the frame either with screws or tin. In other classes, the engine is always tinned to the frame.

The only body allowed in the class is Cheetah 21 (JK25021) manufactured by JK. The sprockets are only allowed to have 64 pitch and the gear ratio is always 10/36, ie the smaller sprocket has 10 teeths and the larger sprocket has 36 teeths. The gear ratio is then 3.6. By comparison, in other classes, the gear ratio is usually always over 5.4.

The class makes it very smooth with strict technical constraints and the cars in the class are very easy to drive.


The models of the bodies are limited and the models are the same in both the OG-12, Euromini and Eurolight classes. So in theory, you can theoretically drive in all three of these categories.


The Euromini class is run only in Finland at the national level. The class uses so-called RTR cars, or Ready-To-Race. These can be slightly modified and the changes will not cost many euros, even for tougher race use. The biggest cost comes from a basket that costs less than 10€ when unpainted. The class is allowed in 2020 to drive those born in 2007 or later.


You can get a basic car for less than 100 euros. If you want to tune your car better, it takes more work than money.

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