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Fact box

Class abbreviations

  • F1, F1-32


  • Free
  • Bearing free


  • Free
  • Usually ball bearings
  • Mandatory front axle
  • Dimensions limited


  • Bodies according to the example


  • International
  • National

Driver level

  • Pro


  • Racecar > 450 €

F1 class

The class is different from all scale classes compared to the others. The class is only driven on a 1/32 scale, which is smaller than cars on a 1/24 scale. Still, the class uses significantly different solutions compared to other scale classes so that it slightly limits the number of enthusiasts. However, the class is internationally popular and usually drivers who also drive the Eurosport class on a 1/32 scale often also drive the F1 class. The class is also known as F1-32.

Engine and frame

The engine is free in the class, ie there are no restrictions. The class uses motors of the Eurosport class, but the difference mainly comes in the number of magnets and different anchors. The mediations are also different and the class uses so-called crown gears.

In the class, the frame is practically free. The only restrictions in the rules are on the dimensions of the hull. Compared to other categories, the engine is placed in the frame at an angle of 90° + 3° and in addition the car must have a Front Axle, which, however, must not catch on the track. Velcro rings are allowed in other scale classes and the Front Axle is not mandatory in other classes.


Only bodies according to the model, painted in the colors of the stable according to the model, are permitted as bodies.


There are few F1 competitions in Finland. At the moment, the F1 competition is run in Finland in connection with the Eurosport class SM competition, and otherwise the competitions are usually international.


In this category, cars are usually always directly race cars and, as a rule, parts can only be ordered separately. Cars are so rarer that it is difficult to give a direct price level because the price depends on so many things. However, the price is several hundred euros and very close to Eurosport class cars.

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